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  Here are a series of articles under a variety of subjects that we believe to have potential educational or entertainment value of interest to our readers, associates, and members.

  We do not necessarily share or endorse all of the opinions of the authors of the works contained in this list.

  We have merely compiled these items because it has been brought to our attention that these works may have a point of view or artistic expression that is not well known or discussed, but may be relevant to political issues that we believe are important to expose to Canadians for potential discussion and debate.

   How Your Vote Counts

   A Candidate's Tale  by David F.H. Marler

   Le Récit d'un candidat  by David F.H. Marler

   Evaluations of the 40th General Election  by Elections Canada

   Politics, Spirituality and Genuine Democracy  by Brenda Thompson

   Lead By Example - Senators Behaving Badly

   Where does the money come from?

   Canada's Engagement In Afghanistan!

   The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

   Regulation of Natural Health Products

   A History of Violence


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